A rich heritage

We note with interest the article (24 February) regarding the Saltire Society’s campaign to recognise Scotland’s most iconic and influential women.

We would like to draw your attention to existing projects in this area. The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, published in 2006 by Edinburgh University Press (EUP), contains the biographies of 820 women, with a further 200 named as co-subjects.

These biographies are the 
work of 277 authors, experts in their fields. A spin-off project from The Biographical Dictionary is the Women of Scotland website, womenofscotland.org.uk, which aims to map memorials to women the length and breadth of Scotland, with biographical 
details of each woman.

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This site is searchable by name, location and subject matter. To date, more than 400 memorials have been recorded and this number is rising steadily. Members of the public are encouraged to contribute to this site.

The Biographical Dictionary, the Women of Scotland website and other publications such as Gender in Scottish History since 1700 (EUP, 2006) and Scottish Women; A Documentary History 1780-1914 (EUP, 2013), are the result of initiatives by Women’s History Scotland, which also organises annual conferences throughout Scotland.

Women’s History Scotland is delighted that the Saltire Society is raising further awareness of Scotland’s rich heritage of women’s history.

We welcome new members.

Alison T McCall

Convenor, Women’s History Scotland

Lynn Abrams

Professor of Modern 

University of Glasgow

Elizabeth Ewan

Professor of History

University of Guelph