Reversal of fortune for Scottish Tories?

While some may have recently opined that even a puff adder would hesitate to enter a room alone with one or two of the names said to be on the new advisory committee on the future of the Scottish Conservatives, Brian Monteith (Comment, 7 June) seems to be unduly negative in his assessment of the likely outcome.

Russell Sanderson and Annabel Goldie are neither blind nor stupid and it surely must be obvious to two such able people by now that the Scottish Conservatives gave up talking the language of those of us on the centre right in Scottish politics a long time back.

This is a vital part of the electorate on which the Tories could formerly rely, but who have effectively been without a voice in the Scottish Parliament because of the Tory refusal to recognise the realpolitik north of the Border. Once again, Lord Sanderson has been thrust into the limelight and is in a unique position to make a real difference to his party's fortunes and to the future of Scotland.

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Any set of recommendations which he eventually puts forward which does not include full fiscal responsibility for Holyrood, the implementation of radical reform in both corporate and personal taxation in order to attract foreign investment, and encourage a "Footsie flit" into the bargain, together with an immediate declaration of total autonomy from the English Conservatives, would be a total waste of his and everyone else's time.

None of the foregoing would be incompatible with support for the Union which would continue to be the mainstay of our nation.

Should the Scottish Tories continue to disappoint, it will be up to some of the smaller centre-right parties, like this one, to work together to present a voting alternative at the Holyrood elections next year. This will not be difficult, as we are now on very fertile ground.

Quo vadis, Lord Sanderson?



The Progressive Action Party

Brian Monteith (Comment, 7 June) is right to advocate a new party of the centre right in Scottish politics. It is time for the old Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party to be replaced by a party which represents modern Scottish centre-right thinking and political views and not the old dogmas of 50 years ago.

The party as it is today is the same as it was then, and has not moved on one bit.

The first thing that needs to be done is to change the name and get away from the old Tory image, which is a total anathema to the majority of people.

Call the new party the Scottish Democratic Party, or the Scottish Progressive Party or something similar, but remove all references to Tories or Conservatives, names which are not looked upon favourably, to say the least, north of the Border. All strength to your elbow, Brian.


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