Reports off track

The impression has been given in recent media coverage that Aberdeen City Council is considering a “tram” system. It is important to make clear that the administration has never suggested developing a tram network in Aberdeen city centre.

Further, the recent strategic infrastructure plan also makes no mention of trams, but talks instead about studying the options for a variety of rapid or light transport systems. “Light” or “rapid” transport” in the context of Aberdeen could include a whole variety of green transport modes, from hydrogen and/or guided buses to light rail links.

There is no suggestion at this stage of any particular scheme going ahead, but it clearly makes sense for Aberdeen City Council to consider all the options to overcome the transport problems we have in the city. The full council agreed to investigate with Transport Scotland the possibility of introducing a light or rapid transport system and to carry out a feasibility study. Officers will do so and report back to the council.

Angela TayloR

Vice-convener, enterprise, strategic planning and infrastructure committee

Aberdeen City Council

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