Religious discrimination

Peter Jones (Opinion, 23 May) endorses the lie that sectarianism in Scotland is embodied in the old firm of Rangers and Celtic. In his article he draws on Steve Bruce's research which had "unearthed no evidence to suggest that Scotland is riven by sectarianism. If it was, you would expect job discrimination".

In the last five years, I have applied three times for promoted teaching posts in local authority schools where I was asked to state whether or not I was Roman Catholic. Every local authority in the country, despite statements on equal opportunities, is sanctioned by the Scottish Executive to issue application forms containing sectarianism.

Asking me if I am a Catholic or not when applying for a job is religious discrimination, sectarian and bigoted, but you never pursue this. Why not?

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Why is the First Minister, Jack McConnell, shy of this issue? One thing is for sure; if Rangers issued an application form with such an anti-Catholic question, he would be all over your front pages for weeks condemning their sectarian employment policy.

Rangers and Celtic do not divide our communities at the start of school age by separating our children and our families. Catholic schooling does.

Let's see your journalists, and, more importantly, Mr McConnell, address the real causes of division and sectarianism in Scotland instead of listening to spies sent out around Europe to listen to Rangers' supporters. That's only a massive red herring.


Netherton Place

Whitburn, West Lothian