Regions strongly opposed to split

YOUR correspondent Douglas Gibb raises an important and to some an inconvenient issue (“Referendum polls should highlight regional differences”, Letters, 27 April). Whatever the outcome of September’s vote, it will be close.

On the evidence of the 1979 devolution referendum and recent opinion polls, it is likely that some geographically, and arguably culturally, distinct regions of Scotland will vote overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the UK.

Besides the obvious case of Orkney and Shetland (75 per cent opposed to devolution in 1979), the Borders and South-West Scotland voted nearly 60 per cent against devolution in 1979.

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A recent ITV poll showed a similar proportion against leaving the UK.

Unlike the northern islands, the Borders and South-West are contiguous with the rest of the UK.

Jack W Ponton, Earlston