Red-hot radicals

Soup is never eaten at the heat with which it is cooked, but, for the reported 1,000+ raucous 
attendance at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday, there is no doubt that this red-hot Radical Independent Yes campaign stands for nothing short of a Scottish separatist republic run on strictly Marxist lines.

All the trimmings of high taxes, abolition of the monarchy, nationalisation of the oil industry and whatever else, economic alliance with left-wing South American regimes, an end to Trident in Scotland and the Nato alliance, all spell out the grim revival of a Soviet republic here in Scotland.

While Alex Salmond will try to obscure this frightening 
vision raised by the Radical Independents by riffling through the 670 pages of his Scottish Fantasia tomorrow, the hard facts of future policy for a separate Scotland will come from the venomous radical element at Saturday’s meeting and they make frightening reading for the millions of canny Scots who fear for a future of this kind.

Alastair Harper

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by Dunfermline, Fife