Reckless ravers

My husband and I went for a stroll out to Cramond Island on Saturday afternoon, before the 150-plus partygoers were stranded there (your report, 7 June). The beach mess with discarded bottles and tins on Cramond foreshore was very depressing.

The changing tide is clearly signposted yet revellers made personal decisions and chose to ignore the warnings.

We watched this happen and saw many shrug their shoulders and laugh at the prospect of being stranded. We were amazed by the hordes of young bare-chested men in shorts who were carrying only bottles of vodka and cases of beers. Few were prepared for rain.

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The whole rescue mission is a complete waste of money and the rave organisers and those who needed to be "rescued" should stump up to recoup the reported 10,000 for those who flagrantly ignored safety notices.


Mayfield Road