Readers react: ‘Holyrood more interested in Brexit obstruction’

Scottish Secretary David Mundell. Picture: John Devlin
Scottish Secretary David Mundell. Picture: John Devlin
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Almost 20 years since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, Whitehall officials are not properly trained to understand devolution and mechanisms for the UK’s governments to discuss vital issues such as Brexit are “not fit for purpose”, a committee of MPs concluded yesterday.

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Scotsman online readers were quick to comment on the news...

“What the committee actually said is that the details of devolution need to be rethought after Brexit. It takes two parties to agree and, in this case, the Scottish Government were more interested in being obstructive than in acting to benefit Scotland.” Sandy Stewart

“Qualifications to be a civil servant ? Years of experience? Qualifications to be an SNP MSP?” Aberdeenshire

“Apparently the committee also suggested [Secretary of State for Scotland David] Mundell and his increasingly expensive department are totally superfluous.” Berlin Calling

“Holyrood doesn’t understand it either, always above their station.” Media One Voice

“I’d say it makes sense to have oversight of these key issues, rather than leave it to a UK gov without a mandate in Scotland, even when Scotland cannot yet legislate in these areas.” Angus McIonnach

“You certainly cannot depend on Westminster and its lackeys to promote Scotland to the world. Especially given their new penchant to brand everything with the Butcher’s Apron...” Finn McColgan

FC responded: “‘Butcher’s Apron’... always good to insult the 60+ million fellow citizens who are happy to be British.”

“Scotland won’t have a sovereign parliament without becoming a self-governing country.” Gavin added.

Not a lemming retorted: “Scotland can’t become a self-governing country unless a majority of the electorate want it to be.”

Damian Thirsty was scathing of Holyrood: “The three weeks of the Edinburgh Festival is more beneficial to the Scottish economy than the £110m a year tax-gorging Shortbread Senate. Shut it down, it’s the only comedy venue in Edinburgh that has a negative fiscal impact on Scotland.”

Lana58 added: “Devolution is an expensive failure and should be scrapped. Alternatively, the election process should be made the same as normal elections. This will ensure only the top candidates get elected rather than the current process, where the Greens control policy with not one non-list MSP.”

In other news, Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley and House of Fraser discussed a new investment deal for the struggling retailer, according to reports. The billionaire, who already owns an 11 per cent stake in the troubled department store, is said to have been asked to consider providing it with a £50 million loan.

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“The department store concept is dead, Ashley must know that so if he does put money in, it will have big strings attached.” banjulbert

Sports Direct is perfect for the fallen middle classes of Edinburgh to shop for their Lycra track suits. Sedovtrier

“Some inquiry is urgently needed into how the websites of so many Scottish based businesses are failing to perform.” Ashley Coley