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You discuss the soaring cost of the trams, plans to fit 'smart meters' in public buildings and the price of pothole repairs

Tram firm TIE have refused to comment on reports that say the cost of the project is set to rise to over 600m

Ahhh, a good old "no comment" from the council and TIE – the last refuge of those who have absolutely no defence for their staggering levels of incompetence.

Skip McClendon

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Or, back in the real world, the only possible answer from a public sector organisation engaged in a dispute and trying to get the best possible outcome.

Anyone with any sense at all knows that the best interests of Edinburgh are served by TIE and the council refusing to engage in speculation.

Duncan in Edinburgh

Funny . . . I don't remember such an approach when TIE actually won a previous dispute. They had plenty to say on that one.

Skip McClendon

Hmm. Do you think it might be that they waited for the dispute to be concluded and then commented?

Duncan in Edinburgh

"Head in the sand!" That's the phrase that best describes TIE. As a public body THEY have to give financial details when asked. If the contract has been signed then it is no longer commercially confidential.


If the project were on budget there would be no end of denials of the overspend from TIE. Silence says everything. If we get it for 600m we will be doing well. But expect corners to be cut, specs to be downgraded and repairs and improvements to be carried into future years' budgets.

Steven P

Plans are in place to fit public buildings with "smart meters" as part of a drive to cut the city's power bills

To break even each meter will have to save over 750 a year plus extra costs for staff monitoring time. Seems unlikely.


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Would it not be better for the custodians of these buildings to take daily meter readings, enter them online as a lot of domestic customers do, and see the energy usage pattern there?

Speedy Gonzales

"The council has had a carbon management officer since August." This type of useless, non-job should be the first to go when the council cuts spending.

Unimpressed one

Why not just turn off lights and heating?


The city's bill for emergency pothole repairs is set to double after the recent freezing temperatures

Glad to see the budget has been increased. Some of these things out my way are not potholes, they are ditches where a road used to be. What qualifies as a pothole anyway? Does it mean if a standard sized pot can fit in it?

rob hadnum

No mention of the collapsing Tarmac on edges of pavements. Is this a separate budget or is this included under road "potholes"?

Unimpressed one

The roads in Edinburgh were a disgrace BEFORE the snow and ice. Twice last year I had to pay for repairs to my car suspension caused by potholes in the city. Would the council foot the bill? No! So what do I pay council tax/road tax for if not for these repairs? Ironically, I'd be better buying a gas guzzling 4X4 to deal with the potholes, as the extra money for road tax/fuel would be less than the cost of suspension repairs.