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A teacher is struck off for firing an air pistol at youths and you attempt to solve the mystery of crumbling masonry

You were more or less united in your support for the teacher who was struck off after firing an air pistol to scare off a gang of youths outside his home.

They should give the guy a medal. Wee tip for you Mr Dickson – next time aim at the little b*****ds' heads. Might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb.

totally indecent

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Sheer stupidity, this guy has done nothing wrong, we need more people like him.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

So much for the victim going free. That hasn't lasted very long. Just another meaningless government soundbite.

The Ayrshire Bard

I don't get it. What has an offence that occurred outside of his work got to do with his ability to do his job? Would they suspend him for being done for reckless driving?

Jock McSpock

Ridiculous. I bet the thugs haven't been struck off from receiving welfare.

A Friend of Fernando Poo

As for "bringing the GTCS and the education profession into disrepute", I think the GTCS has done that to itself with this response.

Jock McSpock

One person stood alone in defence of the decision...

A teacher should never be seen to be behaving like a thug. Teachers are supposed to be role models and this kind of thing is not a good role model.


. . . and was quickly shot down.

Teachers are human, just like you and I. No matter what "role model" you are supposed to be, if you have been assaulted and are in fear for your safety, you will sometimes do irrational things. He has not behaved like a thug, he has behaved like a frightened human being. What is life like in your perfect utopia??


If teachers are "supposed to be role models" in their spare time, surely this should be written into their contracts, and remunerated?

alec splode

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Teachers are human and he should NOT have lost his teaching position because of something that did not happen at work. There is no way this man should have been treated like this.Very, very unfair. The scum classes win again.

The real dracula

Hmmm. Call me picky, but I'd prefer my kid's teachers to be of sound mind and good character rather than irrational, gun-toting alkies . . .


You had your own imaginative suggestions as to what caused a chunk of wall 25 feet above Market Street to collapse.

The rumbling of trains and our fireworks display causes a multitude of damage eventually.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

It was the trams.

Road Raga

Not trams, it was a bin man!

Thinner Bob 79

There's at least one CCTV camera right there, and all-night door staff at the hotel entrance a few yards away, so it shouldn't be too tricky to find out what happened.

Duncan in Edinburgh

This is nothing new. Because they're made of sandstone, which is very soft, bits of this city's buildings have been falling off for years. So imagine what will happen along the route when the trams start up. I for one won't be loitering under any sandstone frontages when a tram goes past.

Reality Cheque