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Feelings erupt (see what we did there?) over the volcano ash chaos and the Catholic church opposes a school swap

Opinions were split over the chaos caused to air passengers by the continuing volcanic ash cloud as only four people made it out of Edinburgh Airport yesterday . . .

Apparently in the mid-1700s when Katla went off there were a few in Northern Scotland who were killed by the gases and the cloud was highly visible. If that one does go off then the press will know what a real story is. Have you ever seen so much panic over a cloud or two?

Barnacle Goose

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"Panic over a cloud or two"? Listen mate, hundreds of thousands stranded, commerce grinding to a halt, airlines, hotels, insurance companies all heading for ruin. You'd better believe this IS a panic!

Big T

The poor folk of Iceland who voted to forget about the millions that British people and companies/councils etc lost when their banking sector collapsed? I'll spare them no thoughts thank you very much. Maybe they'll chap us for help and get told where to go? On a more positive note, this must've offset everyone's "carbon footprint" for a long time to come. Maybe the green terrorists will stop harassing us for a while.


Your sympathies for businesses suffering due to the flight restrictions were also mixed.

There are people stranded here who will still be spending money, so the effect will be nearer neutral than this article suggests.


Let's not forget about the money airlines and other businesses have pocketed without having to provide the service, with the customer having no chance of being refunded through insurance.

Des Gruntled

It's the baggage handlers I feel sorry for. Sitting there all forlorn, waiting for a plane to come in so they can handle some baggage. The poor scones.

digestive biscuits V

The Catholic church has threatened a legal challenge over a potential building swap with a neighbouring school.

It's time we came out of the dark ages. There should be one school for all denominations. No wonder there are "tensions" between religions. Religion belongs in the church or at home, not the classroom

Pond Hall

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Let's be clear here – there is a joint campus school building. Greater numbers of taxpaying parents are CHOOSING to send their children to one school in preference to another and militant atheists here want to DENY them that choice illegally. That does not sound reasonable to me.


Fair point – but it is the laws which need examining and changing. Whether Catholic, Protestant or Atheist, the current laws only serve to promote inequality and division.

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