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Food for thought in an eateries report, plus a clampdown on disabled parking cheats and the arrival of the first tram

More than 130 city restaurants and takeaways shocked health inspectors with poor hygiene in the last year. We named the worst offenders. So, did you bite?

I'm particularly impressed with Chilli Connection's response - "We do what we can but it costs a lot of money". Well, why didn't you say so. If it's going to cost you money, don't bother cleaning up...


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I'm sure everyone's going to run their eye down this list and hopefully breathe a sigh of relief that they haven't been to any of the outlets.

Softly spoken mellow North Korean gentleman

Food outlets should be forced to display the results of their last health inspection in their windows. Like they do with menus.

digestive biscuits V

Having recently recovered from food poisoning, this information should be public knowledge and published on a regular basis. These places do not deserve to be in business!

Grumpy of Grassmarket

I certainly wouldn't be happy at a rat being served on my plate! Unless I'd ordered one.

Thomas the Tank

Scotland's only dedicated blue badge fraud-buster wants 1,000 fines for disabled parking cheats after catching more than 60 in the Capital. Where do you park your opinions?

Treat it like car tax avoidance and crush their cars. I work in the city centre and the number of blue badges taking up metered spaces is incredible – especially when you see someone climbing out their little two-seat sports cars and literally running off to work because they are late. Disabled? I don't think so.


Because a person does not outwardly show an obvious disability does not mean that person is not disabled.


Having the holder's picture on the badge would help to cut down on this despicable fraudulent activity.


The picture is on the badge but is on the reverse.


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Those who abuse the badge and parking spaces are scum! They would hate to be disabled but have no worries in taking a space a disabled person can't do without.


The Capital's first tram in over 50 years is set to go on public display in Princes Street after being delivered on time by Spanish manufacturers. Are we being taken for a ride?

Now the real question is, how long it is going to sit there? How long, if ever, is it going to be before it moves under its own power?


140ft vehicle immobile object in the middle of Princes Street. This should help the traffic!

Thinner Bob 79

So the only part of the project outwith the control of TIE is on time.


It was reported in the EEN over the weekend that the SNP/Liberal council were withdrawing subsidised train travel for senior citizens, saving a grand total of 25,000. I wonder how much this publicity stunt is costing us?


And that's us out of here. But not by tram …