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A row within the church deepens. Recycling plant plans are a gas, and not even the supernatural is safe from crime

A church minister who spoke out in the Evening News against alleged bullying in the Church of Scotland has been suspended and barred from speaking to the press.

The churches are in some mess.

Iain Mac

So much for academic freedom at Edinburgh University. Mind you they had previous form with Mugabe

Mallory, Edinburgh

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He also claimed the organising committee had been dominated by conservative church people who stressed "mission involving conversion" rather than the more liberal approach of dialogue between faiths. The 1910 mission was to convert the world to faith in Jesus Christ, which is what this event is supposed to commemorate. Why does Dr Balia object to this? That is the role the Christian church ought to be taking daily. Has he rejected God for something else? No wonder they reject him!


Faiths that are supposed to relay peace and tranquillity, but so far in our recorded history it has only achieved the opposite. Even the Catholic Church is ridiculed in today's society as a club for paedophiles. Why can't these people not get together and try and sort out some story that the masses can believe in and share with good will?


That would be an ecumenical matter. Anyway, plans are afoot for a 70 million recycling plant in Bathgate that could use that gas given off by decomposing waste to power up to 7,000 homes in West Lothian.

One of the attractions of landfill as a way of storing waste is the possibility of energy production using methane. But our EU masters will fine us if we do landfill. So how come this interesting project gets the go-ahead? Have they told the EU about it?

El Franko

This all sounds very nice, but can they really get away with this. If they can, well done.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

More eco-righteous idiocy. This plant will never see the light of day unless it gets 100% subsidy, which is not unknown with so called 'renewables'.

Unimpressed one

OK, we'll mark you down as yet to be convinced. The owners of the ghost train set up as part of the weekend's Meadows Festival were left counting the cost after a gang of miscreants broke in and stole 5,000 worth of props.

Should be easy enough to spot the thieves. They will be sporting an assortment of pirate gear along with their tracksuits etc.


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So if there are no ghosts and ghouls does that mean it is just a train?


Good, maybe these fairground pirates will go elsewhere with their shows and ruin their grass.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

How do they know it was youths? It could easily have been an adult!

Chirpy Council Worker

As news that another developer's collapse has left a housing plan in Trinity in limbo one of our regular contributors had a novel idea for an alternative use the site.

This would be a great place for Edinburgh Scotwaste Monarchs. Do you think there is any chance.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

Bidders, start your engines.

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