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Trams have you railing against council chiefs, you saddle up for a debate on public nudity and trouble's in store . .

We could fill the paper with responses to Steve Cardownie's plans for a referendum on scrapping the trams. Here's a taster.

Now the whole project is unravelling Cardownie prepares to jump ship – surely a referendum should have been before embarking on project, not half way through.

Nitpicking, Edinburgh

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It can't be scrapped now. Too much money has already been spent on the work that has been carried out thus far to justify scrapping it.


It can be scrapped. All right, I accept that scrapping them now would mean writing off millions of pounds, but it also means avoiding wasting millions more.

Frank Galvin

Ludicrous piece of political opportunism by Cardownie – the case for stopping the development of the trams is based only on the appalling management of the project not on the merits, which are still there.

dyon gollins's back

How much does it cost to hold a referendum? Where is the money coming from Cllr Cardownie?


It's never too late to stop throwing away money. If we're having cutbacks in public spending, this is the place to start.

ktel, Edinburgh

Cllr Cardownie, why speak up NOW ?You have been appointed "Tram Champion", you have taken the chain of office and titles etc, and 3 YEARS later you come out with blatantly populist statements about scrapping the project !


Police have told participants in a planned nude bike ride to cover up.

I used to live in Canada, where; going on 15 years ago it was perfectly legal to walk, jog, ride a bike or motorcycle nude. It still is and I'm afraid the upshot is that countries whom still view nudity as something pruddish are in the dark ages, so to speak.

Gordon S.

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Harmless fun – outrage public decency? What is public decency? If you don't want to be offended don't look.

Nitpicking, Edinburgh

Could there be anything more pathetic that the police can waste their time being involved in?

Drunken Master

Public decency laws should be adhered to not only for adults who may be offended but more importantly the effect on children. If exhibitionists want to carry out their practices they're free to do so but in the privacy of their own kind.

ktel, Edinburgh

Tesco and Travelodge are among those to sign up to revised plans for the Haymarket gap site.

So Edinburgh drove away five-star hotel operator InterContinental Hotel Group and in its place got . . . Travelodge. Brilliant. This city's long slide into mediocrity continues.

Tinsel Boy

Eh, actually no, Edinburgh did not drive away a 5-star hotel. From memory, the council's planning department approved the hotel, it was the Scottish Government that refused it after a public inquiry.

Road Raga

More office space? Has anyone taken a look at the amount of unlet office space there is in Edinburgh? But hey lets build some nice offices and leave them empty for ten years.