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The fight against a ban on strip clubs has readers hot under the collar, and there's little sympathy for hungry MSPs

A showgirl turned scholar is taking on the Scottish Government over moves to ban lapdancing.

Yet again, instead of coming up with measures to strengthen Scotland's economy, or tackle anti-social behaviour, our politicians are wasting time debating yet another ban, the demand for which only exists within the minds of a few killjoys.


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The only people exploited in the sex industry are the sad men who use it as a substitute for a proper relationship. The dancers in these clubs are most certainly in control. Banning these establishments will only drive them underground, removing what controls there are and endangering the workers. Sex has been an industry since time began and will not disappear because Miss White insists it should.


I see there are still feminists who believe that women should be freed from men telling them how to live only for the feminists themselves to then tell women how to live. The SNP may ban this, that and the next thing, but sooner or later an election will come around and it'll be our turn to exercise a well-deserved ban on the SNP. I'd personally rather see Scotland as a No Politicians zone than a No Strippers one. The latter is by far the more honest profession.

A Friend of Fernando Poo

Lap dancing and stripping add a considerable amount to the Edinburgh economy and employ quite a few people. The industry is heavily regulated already, so don't mend what is not broken. Think Ms White MSP has another agenda on this. Someone should look in her closet and see what skeletons fall out!


This is no different with those who would like to ban nude sunbathing or nude bike riding. We are naturally nude. It's the so-called puritans that look at the nekkid body and equate it purely with sex. The rest of us see nothing overtly sexual about the human form.

Drunken Master

MSPs are facing higher prices for their meals at the subsidised Scottish Parliament restaurant.

I don't know what to say, as "pigs", "troughs" etc have been used many, many times to describe the shower at Holyrood and Westminster. People struggle to feed their families but we've been paying for cheap potato gnocchi for our glorious leaders? Makes me sick.


Few companies in the private sector subsidise employees' lunches, so why should the parliament subsidise it at all?


Why not get Greggs to deliver?


There's praise for lost schoolgirls and those who rescued them.

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Good girls, you had the sense to stay together, and in a tent even better, and well done the Mountain Rescue Service.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

The mountains can catch anyone out, but the pupils were obviously prepared and had the sense to bed down rather than risk walking on, which was a good call. And I can never sing the praises of MRTs enough. Anyone who volunteers to go up mountains in bad conditions to help a fellow human is a hero in my eyes.