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There's anger as three council bosses claim seven-figure pensions while strip club owners attack crackdown plans

Three city council bosses are to retire early with pension deals described as "obscene".

These people are members of a pension scheme that is open and based on length of service etc – not like Goodwin's that was based on numbers thought up and multiplied at random. Having to deal with likes of Dawe, Burns, Anderson etc over the years Mr Aitchison deserves his remuneration.

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No-one should enjoy pensions of this size in the public sector out of my pocket.


One only has to look at the state of the city to realise that these are obscene amounts for frankly average performances.


Like it or not, these guys worked under the rules and they're entitled to the payout. Dopey Andra' Burns needs to take a reality check – it's no use him bleating about "cutting frontline services" when Aitchison, Inch and McGougan's pensions are but drops in the bucket of his tramcar folly.

Thomas the Tank

The LGPS is paid into on the basis of income. I pay 7 per cent of my salary into it. The more you earn the larger the percentage you pay.

Not In Unison

Putting money aside is exactly what they've done, it's a pension paid that they've paid into. Would you accept the pension of a street cleaner if you had spent your life as an engineer?

Herr General

Total utter obscene rip-off. These pensions have been carefully crafted over a 25-year period to extract maximum value for these individuals at the expense of the public good.


Every worker has to put aside a percentage of their wage to pay for this. That's then invested during all the years that they work, and the pension is paid from those investments.

A Friend of Fernando Poo

The problem is that these obscene and unfunded pensions are related to the FINAL salary and not to the contributions made. OK, fine for your average blue collar worker who stays at more or less the same wage throughout employment but this guy has worked his way up the ranks and (I would imagine) has only earned this kind of salary for a fraction of the years that he has worked. Pensions for high earners must be related to average career earnings and not the final salary.


Strip club owners have hit at plans to crack down on lap dancing, accusing MSPs of putting their dancers at risk.

Working in the city centre, it makes me sick that I have to walk past six or seven of these places to get home. The "girls" can witter on about their dance training but the fact is that they sell sex. I feel demeaned as a woman who has to walk past the crowds of men outside these places, and as a woman who has to live in a society that countenances them.


As long as the establishment and the workers are paying tax, then there is little wrong with these places.


Being practical, perhaps it needs to work on a paid-up membership basis and the doorways should be made more discreet. Even at 6pm in the evening the area is not very suitable for families to pass through.