Radical thinking

Walter J Allan (Letters, 14 April) raises a very interesting point in relation to the proposal to install a fairground attraction in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. He asks that “our city leaders will break with tradition – and listen to the people”.

What a wonderful, radical suggestion that our elected representatives might take account of the wishes of their enablers, we the voters. At the moment, we have to take them at their published manifesto statements, none of which, as I recall, promise to despoil and disrupt the city.

It is unrealistic to expect consultations with the electorate on every issue, however significant, but it would be helpful if there were a procedure to make feelings known on matters that affect the city.

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The Ring Road was thrown out in the 1960s by public reasoning, and surely it must be possible to prevent more destruction, but how to do it? Turn up at the surgeries, write to them? Not very effective; maybe a march or two – if only we could actually get along Princes Street to do that.

It is so sad that good and bad are lumped together. I am saddened that little has been said about the apparently superb redevelopment of the capital’s Royal Commonwealth Pool, on time and on budget I believe.

David Gerrard

Spylaw Park