Racist campaign

I am a Scot born and bred. My wife is Israeli and has been living in Scotland for the past 15 years. We have two young kids – obviously half Israeli/Scottish.

Recently, we have been faced with the "boycott the Israeli Caledonian Hotel" campaign at the west end of Princes Street.

We were deeply offended that Edinburgh city council allows such a blatantly racist, anti-Israeli banner sprawled over the railing in front of the House of Fraser. Substitute the word Israeli in the banner with Pakistani and imagine the reaction of the Pakistani community. How is it that using the word Israeli isn't regarded as racist in the same context?

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We appreciate that Britain is a democratic country where freedom is valued and people are entitled to voice their own political opinion but the line has to be drawn when this is done in reference to a particular community/race. There are many Scottish/Israelis and Jews living in Edinburgh who find such behaviour offensive and threatening.

No place for racism in Scotland should apply to all ethnic groups living here, and not just the Muslim community.


Tryst Park