Quotes of the day

"I could probably even find a husband online should I ever want another one"

Jemima Khan who is a fan of internet shopping

"It was horrible and I had a knee-jerk reaction which I couldn't control, but apparently it's a delicacy in Iceland"

Chef Heston Blumenthal who found himself retching when forced to eat a boar's eyeball

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"Well, the thing about acting is it is tremendously easy. And if your range is lanky West Country geek, which is chiefly where my skill lies, then it's even easier"

Actor Stephen Merchant

"I hold the record in Who's Who for belonging to the largest number of clubs (14). Could I form a self-help group for fellow sufferers – Clubaholics Anonymous – or would that be just too clubbable?"

Historian Andrew Roberts

"I enjoy being active as part of my daily insanity anyway, so I'll keep doing that"

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal, a fitness enthusiast

"It's kind of writing combined with scribbling on the TV Times, very bitter stuff and scratching people's eyes out – it's not so much a show, it's a list of death threats. I sound bitter, I'm a happy man"

Johnny Vegas vents his feelings as he writes a new comedy show