Questions remain over link between Scotland in UK and Scotland in EU

NICOLA Sturgeon and the SNP are playing a game over a potential second independence referendum, offering hope to their obedient and unanalytical followers.

The truly disingenuous element in the SNP propaganda, of course, is what “independence” actually means. Scottish voters should not be fooled as to the Big Lie being foisted upon them by the SNP.

What the SNP and other Europhiles want is for the entire notion of nationhood to be abolished in the project of “ever closer union”, however that may be dressed up. They are EU Unionists.

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The only way for Scotland and the United Kingdom to avoid vanishing into the EU Black Hole, with its vast army of bureaucrats, dutifully run by its supine Parliament, enacting legislation ordered by its unelected and unaccountable Commissioners, is to vote to leave.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive, Edinburgh

Leaving one union, the UK to join another, the EU, must be the epitome of cognitive dissonance. (Your report 11 January)

How does anyone seeking an “independent” Scotland in the EU think this somehow means “constitutional sovereignty”?

There must be a myriad of ways, like being tied to the euro, that limit sovereignty. Moreover what is the connection between another referendum for Scottish independence and an in-out EU referendum?

Seemingly for those who believe “passionately” in Europe, the support for Scottish independence is merely pragmatic. Presumably a vote to stay in the EU will satisfy the political aims of the pragmatists.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk, Inverurie

Why are all the main political parties in Scotland and the UK: Labour, SNP, Tory, Lib Dem, all so strongly in favour of being in the EU, at whatever cost? This is exactly what happened in Norway in 1994, and yet the Norwegian people rejected the advice of their politicians, voted 52 per cent against joining the EU, and Norway has never looked back since. One clear option is to leave the EU, but remain committed to Europe, whilst maintaining our existing trading links with Europe and the rest of the world.

This is exactly what Norway, Switzerland and Iceland do.

William Mathers

Craigmount Gardens, Edinburgh

I get the message: the Czech Republic is flourishing as an EU member state that was formed by a larger state splitting.

It’s not difficult to see Peter Jones’ intended application (Perspective, 12 January).

With regard to the EU, some of the wealthiest countries in Europe are outside it.

Since Czechoslovakia split, the larger Czech Republic has flourished. Smaller Slovakia has struggled.

I don’t offer these facts as good arguments for leaving the EU and Unionism, because they are not logically compelling. I merely point them out to undermine Mr Jones’ invalid argumentation.

Richard Lucas

Broomyknowe, Colinton, Edinburgh