Off-putting menu

I am sure I am not alone in applauding Bill Jamieson’s “New Year resolutions for politicians” (Scottish Perspective, 1 January).

I have one slight quibble, though. He suggests the passion which emerged in the referendum debate possibly contributed to the high turnout.

I would suggest the main factors were that there was a clear-cut decision to be made and that every vote cast would count towards the result.

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In contrast, at the impending General Election the electorate will be presented with a menu of policies by each party. As is the way with menus, some items may appeal while others definitely do not.

Furthermore, with our first past the post system, many potential voters will know that in their constituency their preferred party has no chance of winning, so that voting for it is pointless.

Some may then vote for 
second best, or tactically, but many will just not bother to vote.

We should expect a much lower turnout in May than we had last September.

S Beck

Craigleith Drive