Proud of the UK

Setting aside all other considerations, of which there is an ­almost infinite number, this whole carry on has convinced me that I am a citizen of the UK and shall remain so until my dying day, no matter the outcome of the referendum.

For all its shortcomings, inevitable in any human construct, we can be immensely proud of our country’s history and achievements. We have demonstrated time and time again the good that can be achieved by working within a multinational constitutional settlement.

The potential for doing so much more in the future is ­immense.

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We really must have faith that the English, the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh continuing to work together can create a better society and indeed a better world. The cultural conceit that only the Scots can do so is nonsensical.

As is the dismembering of one’s country for no reason other than one wants to get rid of the current bunch of Old Etonians who govern us. Had we forgotten that there is an election next year?

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive


We face a fork in the road, with countless opportunities, but also with risks and uncertainties in both directions.

Ultimately we have a choice: between uncertainty with less control if we vote No, and uncertainty with more control if we vote Yes. I trust the people of Scotland to take the decisions that work for us and reflect our values, so I will vote Yes.

But whatever happens I believe Scotland is, and will remain, a wonderful place in which to live.

C Hegarty

Glenorchy Road

North Berwick

Scotland has arrived at an ­historic crossroads in the journey towards its own destiny.

Whatever the path each ­individual has taken to reach this junction it is hoped that the prospects for future generations throughout our diverse country will today be uppermost in people’s thoughts, not petty party-politics, promoting of vested interests or arrogant self-

Opportunities for our country and our young people are endless if self-confidence is nurtured while social responsibility is ­encouraged. There is only one direction in which these twin ­ambitions will truly be fostered and it is not the direction that would result in reinforcement of a debilitating belief that we ­depend on a larger neighbour simply to survive, never mind ­inspire us to create a more prosperous and fairer society.

Hopefully, Scotland’s citizens will not be diverted down a side-road that will diminish our ­revitalised political energy and our common aspirations but will boldly stride ahead to a challenging but more rewarding future.

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian