Proud carriage

John’s Lloyd’s experiences of East Coast trains (Letters, 19 December) are as pleasurable as mine, and he’s quite right about the comfort of EC’s “ancient carriages”.

It’s astonishing to think that these Mark 3 carriages – now approaching their half-century – still provide high-speed comfort in daily travel, and in the process, beat anything else available.

Any comparison with trains operated in Scotland by First ScotRail is accurate and not odious.

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In transport terms, Mark 3 carriages are antiques – but our national long-distance trains in Scotland were antiques of the future when introduced.

Scotland’s trains have neither charm nor comfort.

They were never designed, but occurred. They disgrace us in vibration and lack of toilets and luggage space.

The forthcoming franchise presents Transport Scotland with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rid Scotland’s long- distance services of the Dinky Toys masquerading as our national premier fleet.