Pros and cons of probe into Purcell crisis

I refer to your article regarding Glasgow City Council's decision to block an independent investigation into the controversial departure of Steven Purcell and alleged impropriety involving companies (your report, 2 April).

Contrary to your report, I can confirm I supported the call for an inquiry and I am disappointed that the motion was defeated by the Liberal Democrat-Labour pact.

As a Conservative councillor, I will continue to ask for an independent investigation into Glasgow City Council. Strathclyde Police and Audit Scotland have a duty to look into this if there are reasonable grounds to do so. I maintain that there are. The revelations in the media alone merit further investigation.

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The council needs to be open and transparent at this time and I'm dismayed Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors vetoed an investigation.


Scottish Conservatives

Pollokshields ward

The cries for an inquiry into Purcell (your report, 2 April) merely illustrate again that it is all little more than a party political points scoring exercise. It is notable that when inquiries were called for regarding the accounts and activities of a certain foundation favoured by the SNP, at the time led by a Nationalist candidate, the silence from the SNP was deafening.

If anyone, anywhere, has any evidence of wrongdoing of any kind in Glasgow, then he or she should pursue it through the proper channels; that is their civic duty.

The police and the Audit Commission say there is no evidence of any kind to warrant an investigation.

Should an inquiry be held because a few disgruntled SNP members in Glasgow feel miffed as they plunge in the polls? The smear and innuendo tactics employed by the SNP in Glasgow demean the entire political system.


New Cut Rigg