A private service

Which parts of the Scottish health service are left to be “privatised” or to be “protected”? (Your report and letters, 20 August)

Most GPs aren’t salaried employees of the Scottish health service but are known as “private contractors”.

Also, nurses employed to make up for a chronic shortfall in staff are often supplied by “private agencies”.

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Moreover, waiting lists are being reduced by the Scottish Government already by sending patients to “private hospitals”.

Isn’t care of the elderly at home, or in care and nursing homes, in “private hands”?

Not forgetting purchasing drugs, surgical instruments, X-ray machines, scanners, computers and beds from the “private sector” – and aren’t some areas in Scotland also supplied with an out-of-hours GP service by 24-hour “private suppliers”?

Noticeably also hospitals and medical centres are still being built and expanded financed by “private capital”.

Arguably any Scottish Government would find it difficult to resist future further “privatisation”.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire