Prey to rumour

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Logan Steele wrongly concludes that any bird of prey illegally killed is the responsibility of “the grouse shooting industry”, and published unproven allegations (“Licence to shoot”, Letters, 27 January).

He cites an incident where there is an active police investigation into the poisoning of an eagle in Angus. Two months on, no evidence has emerged that the killing is linked to anyone on a grouse moor. 

A shot buzzard in Stirlingshire was found on 2 February last year (not in the past month as Mr Steele says) on the A873 near Thornhill, a long way from any grouse moor. Poisoned baits were found in Lanarkshire this month, but again a long way from any grouse moor. A buzzard found near Tomatin in December had died of “unnatural causes”.

If Mr Steele has more information he should go to the police, but it is probable his comments draw on the ill-informed rumours which this issue seems to generate.

Tim Baynes

Director, Scottish Land & Estates Moorland Group

Scottish Land & Estates

Stuart House, Eskmills 
Business Park, Musselburgh