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Once again the speculative “what if” theory underpins Kenny Farquharson’s analysis of a possible SNP alliance with 
Labour (Perspective, 24 April).

Seemingly he discounts Gordon Brown’s recent statement that there will “never ever” be a Labour deal with the Nationalists. Rather, the Nationalists are elevated to a starring role as a UK political party with policies for the whole of the UK.

What about the other members of the UK, namely Wales and Northern Ireland, not forgetting England?

It is inconceivable these three would accept Scottish Nationalist UK policies for health, education, transport and housing etc.

There is a great big elephant in Kenny Farquharson’s room which needs to be faced.

Apparently the Nationalists will bring a form of pseudo-federalism as an “integral part of the political make-up of the UK”.

However, isn’t it somewhat injudicious to suggest Nicola Sturgeon “becomes the Jordi Pujol of Scottish politics”?

Arguably the whole analysis is make-believe as it depends on “what if” there is a Labour/
Nationalist deal which, in the real world of hard-ball politics, won’t happen.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk


Sir John Major’s recent warning about the consequences of a possible “deal” between Labour and the SNP was a measured logical and factual account of his views. He was exercising his right of freedom of speech.

The Scottish First Minister’s remark that it was “an affront to democracy” demonstrates her breathtaking arrogance. By rejecting the verdict of the Scottish people at the referendum, she shows her utter contempt for democracy, as well as insulting the people of Scotland.

(Dr) Daniel McLeman


Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire