In for a pounding

STAN Grodynski’s untangling (Letters, 22 April) of the conundrum in relation to the SNP’s currency policy simply confirms the suspicions raised in my letter.

Mr Grodynski claims his party has the choice of paying a price to achieve its “immediate ambitions” and “progress (its) long-term aspirations”. The immediate ambition is presumably to win the referendum. In order to achieve this ambition the SNP is choosing to pay the price ofcompromising “full economic autonomy” by retaining the pound – quite a compromise since it would not deliver independence!

On the other hand, genuine independence requires wresting control of the economic levers from Westminster and is presumably a “long-term aspiration” – but that would entail ditching the pound.

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The apparent conundrum is thus explained – the policy of retaining the pound is a short-term campaigning ploy to be abandoned at the earliest opportunity.

Those who wish to turn their backs on the UK at any cost will be undeterred by issues such as the likely currency. But those who are concerned by the risk and uncertainty facing themselves and future generations will hopefully scrutinise very carefully the implications of such SNP equivocation.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue