Postal sell-off

What a half-baked idea it is to privatise the Royal Mail. The customer will lose out badly and the bonus brigade will try to score massively.

What other utility or public service that has been privatised in recent years now gives a better service?

It will most likely be bought by foreigners, the costs of postage will go up even more and the service will go down even more.

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Why can it not be run for the benefit of British customers and for service profit, not shareholder profit? These ideas come from people with no idea of the realities of the world, and who have never even run a whelk stall. What will happen to the thousands of Royal Mail employees, quite apart from the mess concerning their pension money?

We still need an efficient and affordable mail delivery service to combat the e-mail culture.

However, the way things are going it may not actually last long, whether foreign owned or not, if the recent convoluted and prohibitive increases in the cost of stamps are maintained or increased further as threatened.

John Maclean

Quarry Park