Poor tactics

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The people who complain about tactical voting for unionist parties are turning a blind eye to the tactical voting strategy at the heart of the SNP campaign.

They urge us to vote SNP and either get a weak Labour government that they can control, or a Tory government that they can blame for every ill that befalls Scotland.

At a critical time for our security, economy and existence as a Union the strings will be pulled by Nicola Sturgeon, who won’t be an MP.

People are not stupid. The SNP will not provide “progressive” politics for the benefit of the UK; they want to create division, force another referendum and gain independence. In the past week we have seen outlandish examples of this. Depute SNP leader Stewart Hosie has threatened to block the UK defence budget unless Trident is cancelled, and Alex Salmond was only half joking about writing the Labour budget.

The joke may well be on Mr Salmond, however. Tactical voting and a well-run Lib Dem campaign mean his election as MP for Gordon is by no means a certainty.

Allan Sutherland

Willow Row