Plea for unity

It would be a tragedy if Scotland became independent from the United Kingdom. I don’t believe that such a separation would benefit either Scotland or the rest of the Union.

I am an Englishman but I have great admiration for many elements that go to make Scotland a strong and valued partner to the rest of the Union but I will mention just two.

When I was a youngster and a member of the school’s army cadet force, we admired the courage and fighting spirit of the Scottish army regiments and that admiration has stayed with me all my life. The stirring sound of the pipes of regimental bands cemented that respect.

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Secondly, I worked for some years for a multi-national company founded by two Scotsmen. My work involved linking closely with the Far East.

My visits there made me realise the achievements which Scottish entrepreneurial merchants had made in trading across the world and setting up businesses, which still thrive today, albeit under foreign ownership. I would encourage every Scot to cast their votes in favour of staying in the Union.

Ron Kirby OBE DSDK (Malaysia)

Mellstock Avenue