Planning blow

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I am delighted that Borders Council, both planners and councillors, have unanimously rejected the Hag Law wind farm proposal on hills above Romanno Bridge. They also rejected an application for Cloich Forest near Eddleston last year, but this is going to appeal in May. There is no right of appeal if a council accepts an application. In my opinion something has gone horribly wrong with the planning profession in this country due to the government’s mania for wind farms.

It is not right that 42 per cent (14 out of 33) of appeals were successful last year, decisions made by reporters and ministers. How can reporters overturn so many decisions made by their professionally qualified colleagues and still retain their profession’s integrity?

It is about time the Planning Officers’ Professional Body stood up to the government and refused to be part of this circus that goes round the country. Ministers are using planners shamefully.

I cannot think of any other profession which is being undermined in this way. Imagine what a doctor would say if 42 per cent of his carefully thought-out decisions were disallowed due to government pressure at appeal. What if 42 per cent of legal cases at appeal were overruled because of government policy?

Poor Scotland – at least England has Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles fighting to save its scenery.

Dale Vince of Ecotricity said they were no longer trying to build in England and were concentrating all their efforts in Scotland. What an indictment of our government.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road

Penicuik, Midlothian