Our Dynamic Earth - 'There is no reason why it cannot thrive'

our Dynamic Earth is a top-class attraction enjoyed by growing numbers of tourists and city residents alike.

The Scottish Government is now saying it will have to do more to pay its own way after receiving 2.3 million of public money over the last three years.

The science centre is a great asset to Edinburgh and the country as a whole so we should view continuing investment in it as just that - an investment.

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That level of subsidy, though, always looked unsustainable when the Government is being forced into cuts across the board.

But there is no reason why the science centre cannot continue to thrive and even grow despite losing up to 20 per cent of its grant.

There are other ways that such a popular attraction can make money.

With more than 200,000 visitors a year, one that is worth serious consideration is major sponsorship.

There must be lots of firms who, despite the economic downturn, would be keen to see their brand associated with one of Scotland's most popular tourist destinations.

Selling naming rights could solve any financial concerns at a stroke.

The Irn-Bru Dynamic Earth anyone? We'd drink to that.

S'no bother

we didn't think things could get any worse after last winter's big freeze crippled the city.

Yet here we are, just into December, with roads closed and pavements impassable, and no reprieve likely any time soon, with temperatures plummeting and yet more snow forecast.

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Questions are rightly being asked about how ready were the authorities to deal with the cold snap, though the more useful debate is over whether these icy winters are now likely to be the norm - and therefore how much we should invest getting ready for them.

But there is something most of us can do right now, and that is to get out there and do something for our less mobile neighbours.

Even just popping round to check they are warm enough and have something to eat could save a life. And a few minutes clearing a pathway of snow could prevent the misery of a broken limb or hip.

So, please, be a friend in the freeze - and let us know how your community is rallying at [email protected] and 0131-620 8733.