In or out?

If the UK were to leave the EU it would be bad for us, I believe. However, if England, Wales and Northern Ireland left the EU and an independent Scotland became an EU member what Nicola Sturgeon does not tell us is that it would be catastrophic for Scotland.

The EU would forbid a currency union with a non-EU member even if Westminster agreed to it after a referendum on the issue that Scotland would have no say in – the Euro would probably be the only option and that is 
controlled by Germany as the Greeks etc have found out. So much for an anti-austerity agenda. Border controls and customs checks would be mandated by the EU as Scotland would be an EU entry point.

Without a massive investment in ferry facilities the majority or Scotland’s imports and exports would be through a foreign, non-EU country and furthermore a country whose government the SNP has constantly vilified.

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Tell us the truth, Nicola: why are you so against democracy for everybody else on these islands?

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place