One man’s power

Stephanie Clark, of Scottish Renewables, praises the increasing number of landowners and businesses installing renewable electricity generating systems (mostly wind) to reduce their energy bills (“A new generation of pioneers in power”, 29 November).

Shame that she didn’t also highlight the consequence of this, namely, that the resulting increase in subsidies paid for these systems will be added to the electricity bills of those who cannot generate their own electricity, including large numbers who are already in fuel poverty.

GM Lindsay

Whinfield Gardens


Not a week – no, make that a day – goes by without Stephanie Clark’s propaganda machine writing glowing articles and letters about the “joys of renewables”.

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In Germany, the coalition government wants to force its renewables industry to pay for coal and gas back-up electricity generation.

It is a simple concept: why give developers huge subsidies and then expect the companies generating electricity to pay for back-up electricity when the wind does not blow? Can we try this in Britain?


Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian