Obese targets

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I FIND Prime Minister David Cameron’s attack on obese people too ill to work and the threat of having their benefits cut grossly offensive.

As someone who is overweight myself I have found it increasingly difficult to find work as there is unspoken discrimination in the workplace.

David Cameron needs to tackle this by bringing in legislation to criminalise obese discrimination. He fails to see that there are other psychological factors at work in someone who is obese such as depression and low self-esteem not just overeating and lack of exercise.

And many organisations designed to help those struggling have had their funding cut substantially, typical Tory double standards.

This announcement of course comes the same week that fat cats have cost HM Revenue and Customs billions of pounds in tax avoidance.

It is nice to know that the ­Tories have their priorities right. This couldn’t be a smoke screen could it?

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square, Perth