Oath for others

Nothing could more eloquently encapsulate the gap between our distantly elite political class and the public it claims to serve than shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt’s idea that teachers should take a form of Hippocratic oath to “elevate the profession” and emphasise its “moral calling and noble profession”.

That would surely include setting a personal and professional example to those for whom they are responsible; for any MP to make such a proposal suggests observance of some sort of
“Hypocritic oath”.

Consider the redefinition of democracy illustrated in Ed Miliband’s insistence that Labour MPs support the
motion to recognise Palestine as an independent state.

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Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander announced a three-line whip (democracy?) to ensure total compliance.

Three of his MPs tabled an amendment to delay such
recognition until successful peace negotiations have been concluded.

To solve this embarrassing situation, MPs who disagree with the party line have been “encouraged” to be absent for the vote. Democracy?

They should all be obliged to participate – and vote – in the debate; that’s what we pay them for.

How else are they to put forward the views of their constituents; they will, after all have sought out their opinions, won’t they?

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road