Nuclear fears

I AM glad that Dr McCormick
 (Letters, 23 December) disapproves of at least some actions of the Blair government. My personal opposition to Trident is not “for purely emotional reasons”, unless a desire for national and personal survival is emotional.

If the system remains in place, a major accident is almost inevitable at some time. And its presence in our territory renders us more liable to attack by any terrorist group that happens to get hold of a nuclear weapon – probably to be delivered in a container or vehicle by road or sea, rather than by a missile.

As for the SNP government wishing Scotland to be a member of Nato without having nuclear weapons on our territory, that is the position of several Nato members. I cannot speak for the government, but I imagine it would prefer nobody to have nuclear weapons. The philosophy of “think globally, act locally” may be appropriate here. 

Dr David Stevenson

Blacket Place