No superhero

Is it that the Duke of Roxburghe lives in a world of his own creation, or is it that he just chooses to see things purely from his own perspective?

He suggests (your report, 11 June) that it is a "small but well-funded minority" of local people against the Fallago Ridge wind farm. He is right, it is local people who are against the scheme – local people who live and work in these hills, who love these hills and care passionately for the environment.

Two community councils who are directly affected by Fallago, both Scottish Borders and East Lothian councils and Scottish Natural Heritage have all formally objected to his wind-farm proposal.

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SNH has stated that Fallago is, in its opinion, "beyond the pale." Not quite a minority, then.

And as for the 120,000 the duke says will be given to fund local environmental causes, out of the vast profits that he will be making, let's not forget that it is our money that would be paid in excessive subsidies to the developer that he is so generously offering.

Don't think the duke is single-handedly trying to save the planet – he is certainly no aristocratic superhero.


Whitchester Lodge

By Duns, Berwickshire