No more tears

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I am a wee bit confused by Henry Philip’s comments (Letters, 3 November) about my recent letter about the council tax and the Scottish Government’s payments to councils.

I never said it kept up with inflation. However, it was reported in some newspapers that our impoverished Edinburgh Council was considering extending the white elephant tram system down Leith Walk to Granton.

Can any readers please tell me how much our council paid 
towards the £760 million cost for the first leg and how much it has cost/lost to run it up to now, and how much the new extension will cost the council tax payers of Edinburgh?

Is this the same impoverished council that is about to scrap our waste bins, green, brown etc and issue a complete new set?

Wow, how do they manage in such abject poverty? They should cut out the crocodile tears and cut the council tax while they’re at it.

Ian Murray

Broomhall Loan