Next on the BBC…

The attacks on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on broadcasting made by Brian Wilson (Perspective, 29 August) and your correspondents (same edition) are seriously undermined by the fact that she was promoting the all-party views of the Scottish Parliament which in 2008 unanimously called for a dedicated BBC Scotland TV channel which, free from London control, would properly serve Scottish lives and culture.

With regard to the BBC’s referendum coverage, the main problem lay with their London-based correspondents who approached the whole debate through the establishment viewpoint expressed by former director-general Greg Dyke that the BBC “is glue that binds Britain together” and that nothing should threaten the status quo.


Warrender Park Road


On ABSOLUTELY no evidence whatsoever, Nicola Sturgeon claims Scotland wants another dedicated BBC channel.

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Let’s face it, many of us know the Danish words for “thank you” or “sorry” because of the many hours spent watching The Killing and Borgen. Can the same be said for the hours we have spent watching BBC Alba?

The narrow, parochial stance of the SNP on every issue has become tedious to the point of embarrassment.

On the plus side, however, The Only Way is Cowdenbeath could be a winner.


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