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Still claiming to be the “only” party capable of saving the country, Labour and Conservatives alike have failed to notice that the electorate has woken up to the fact that they are also the “only” parties who actually cause our travails.

A seismic shift in electoral outlook is going on under their dysfunctional noses. Referendum defeat should have finished off the SNP; instead their stock – and membership – has soared. Witness the quite extraordinary prominence currently enjoyed by Nicola Sturgeon in the clamour for attention among party leaders, yet she’s not even standing for election! Who would bet against her winning a seat somewhere in England if she did?

Furthermore, this separatist leader also leads the way in reaching out to other parts of the UK in a drive towards fairness to all. She’s also the only major leader challenging the need for ongoing austerity. Why should we accept cuts in public services when our parliament is ludicrously overmanned in the House of Lords? Do we really need the high speed rail extravagance? Should we be giving aid to countries able to afford nuclear weapons or space exploration?

We need a new ­approach to government, with parties developing areas of agreement – these must surely exist. Without that, any talk of One Nation, Big Society and all-in-it-together is rank, hypocritical insult.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road