Natural charm

There are apparently people who, like Donald Trump, believe the Menie sand dunes are a "barren wasteland" and that his drive to create yet another golf course represents "progress", as a opposed to a "return to the Dark Ages" ( view, 28 May).

On the contrary, the increase in awareness of the fragility of our environment, and the need to protect areas of particular importance and rarity, indicates a more progressive, enlightened view of humankind's place on the planet as opposed to the outmoded belief that we evolved to dominate all other life-forms.

Mr Trump is not interested in Scotland; his main preoccupation is with himself. Listen to his words: "This will be the best golf course in the world." How ironic that this acknowledgement of the unique nature of the dune system should come from a man who is totally oblivious to its real value.


Gagiebank, Wellbank

Broughty Ferry, Dundee

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In the 1960s, I was at secondary school in Edinburgh and still recall with horror, learning about the Highland Clearances.

In my opinion, this is happening again due to the desires of Donald Trump and his golf course in north Scotland. I find this whole affair quite disgusting.

Good luck to those living in their own homes who resist Trump and co. This is not a Scotland I want to be part of, if Trump gets his wish.


Aberdour Road

Burntisland, Fife