National disgrace

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I recently spent a frustrating day trying to sort out an issue with my home insurer and another with my bank. Both ask us to call them, usually on an 0845.

No doubt most of you will have done this to be met with numerous requests to press this number, then another and when you finally get a human they launch into a spiel about regulations, training etc, often being difficult to understand and all this at your cost!

If there were enough staff on duty to answer calls immediately it wouldn’t be so bad but “all our operators/colleagues are busy” is what you usually hear while hanging on the phone.

Why, when we are their customers, do we have to pay quite substantial amounts to contact them?

Surely they should issue a freephone number and ensure there are sufficient staff on duty to give a quick response or have an e-mail address readily available.

I have tried writing to my bank but did not get a reply. I was disappointed but not surprised.

The banks and insurance companies tell us they will ensure their call centres are staffed to cope with the volume of calls but my recent experience suggests otherwise.

So from now on I am going to visit my local branch when I have a query and get them to make the phone call if matters cannot be resolved in branch.

However, those who cannot get out and about will continue to be frustrated at how difficult it is to sort out small queries with big companies quickly and cheaply.

It is a national disgrace and there should be a campaign to get this nonsense sorted out.

Tom Steel

Spencer Place