Miliband right to rule out SNP deal

In an age when politicians are widely distrusted and accused of always taking facile or expedient positions on public policy it is strange that Nicola Sturgeon should attack the leader of the Labour Party for taking a stand on genuine principle.

The SNP’s ultimate aim, whatever they say at this election, is the destruction of the UK. That Miliband sees the danger and is not willing to sell out his country for short-term political gain is surely an admirable character trait worthy of praise, not blame.

Ed Miliband took on the Daily Mail when it traduced his father. He took on the energy companies when others said it was futile.

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He took on Rupert Murdoch, something that definitely cannot be said of Nicola Sturgeon who is in a pact with Mr Murdoch, a mogul whose aim is clearly to deliver a right-wing Tory government to the UK.

Indeed, Miliband is committed to a full implementation of the Levenson recommendations (an issue on which the SNP is strangely silent) which is one reason Murdoch wants him to lose. I suspect the First Minister’s rage at Miliband is more to do with the expedient than the principled end of the political scale. The SNP has already ruled out a deal with the Conservatives so Miliband’s principled decision to rule out Labour/SNP co-operation makes the SNP, however many MPs they have, totally impotent at Westminster.

Miliband is right. Country is more important than short-term party advantage. It is ironic indeed that his principles on this, and so many other things, are attacked as weakness by the First Minister and his other political opponents at a time when principle is so sorely lacking in the pursuit and practice of our national politics.

Alex Gallagher

Phillips Avenue


Candidates for the Labour Party in Scotland must be furious about Ed Miliband saying that he would prefer David Cameron to be Prime Minister rather than work with the SNP to form a government.

He has deserted his Scottish branch office. This only goes to prove he is the wrong man to lead the Labour Party.

What a shame it was not his brother David who got the job. It would not surprise me if many Labour supporters and activists in Scotland will now switch to the SNP.

I sincerely hope they do; they will be made very 

Jim Carson