McAveety gaffe

I write in relation to your report, "MSP sorry for 'dark and dusky' remark on woman in public gallery" (16 June ) about the comments made by Frank McAveety MSP while in the Convener's chair of the Scottish Parliament's public petitions committee earlier this week.

The only "dark and dusky" presence in that committee room this week were the sickening comments he made. While some may see it as a small embarrassing comment, or at the very least a gaff on his part, many people will be deeply concerned that the thoughts even entered his head, let alone that he felt strongly enough to express them to a colleague in the Scottish Parliament where there were clearly other people as well as school pupils present.

His comments were unforgivable to say the least, and I hope that they did not relate to an individual within the school group.

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There will no doubt be those who just laugh off this whole sorry episode, however, it doesn't take a left-wing feminist to be incensed and very concerned by Mr McAveety's comments, anyone with any moral fibre would be sickened by the explicit nature of them.

If the Labour Party has any moral fibre left of its own it will also take strong action against Mr McAveety.


Stuckleckie Road