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having read the extensive press comments regarding 36-year-old Navinder Singh Sarao and his exploits in the stock market (your report, 23 April), I genuinely cannot see where the problem exists.

The guy simply spotted a flaw that allowed him to make money from the computer systems that were set up and in place to do exactly that.

The multi-million pound electronic controls were full of 
inherent flaws, gaps, failings and loopholes and he played the 

To those who say that he took advantage of the set-up and was morally wrong: remember the expenses scandal and the large number of those we elected and trusted who played the system.

Our elected elite were quick to tell us that they personally were not the ones who put the systems in place that allowed them to benefit.

So our only concern should be that HMRC gets what it is due from what was made by Mr Sarao.