Line that should never be crossed

THANK goodness for Dani ­Garavelli’s article in last week’s Scotland on Sunday. I was ­beginning to think I was inhabiting a parallel universe over the “Megan case”.

As a secondary teacher of many years’ experience I have been horrified by the casual ­attitude portrayed by the ­discussions in the media.

Megan’s age is an important legal fact but in other respects is an irrelevance. The crux of the matter is that he [Megan’s teacher] was in a position of trust and, regardless of her age, should not, under any circumstances, have allowed this relationship to begin, never mind develop the way it has.

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It also worries me that commentators have largely ignored this fact. Is it because teachers’ professional status is not what it once was? Imagine the outcry if this had been a social worker or doctor.

In conclusion, as Dani Garavelli rightly says, there is no grey area in pupil/teacher relationships. He was the adult and the professional teacher and should have known better.

Anne McEwen, Linlithgow