In the line of fire

Your editorial (6 October) ­referred to there being no boots on the ground opposing Islamic State (IS) forces in Syria. This is not true.

Kurdish troops are fighting for the very existence of their people, perhaps with some rear-line support from the UK. In a sense, the Kurdish fighters are also acting on our behalf, as IS has no intention of restricting its expansion to Syria and Iraq.

The Western allies’ air strikes are no substitute for holding back IS forces’ attacks. They may help, but what the Kurdish forces reportedly need is heavier weaponry, as they are faced with a better-armed enemy using looted equipment.

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The UK seems to be holding back from providing this needed armament. Westminster must be pressed to act.

It’s no use standing back a bit trying to decide our best approach to reversing jihadists’ advances when those actually in the line of fire are in really grave danger and need more help now.

Joe Darby