Letters: ‘We’re not throwing away chance to keep streets tidy’

I AM glad to see that your readers share my opinion that littering must be tackled in order to keep our city looking attractive (Edinburgh’s litter bugs need to be taught a lesson, Letters, March 25)

However, it is important to highlight that the use of environmental wardens is just one part of a much wider, ongoing campaign.

Most residents and visitors appreciate Edinburgh’s beauty and ensure that they dispose of their rubbish properly, but lots of work is constantly going on in a bid to encourage the minority to use the hundreds of public bins on the streets.

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Education plays a huge part, with workshops, campaigns and competitions regularly being used in schools to highlight the anti-litter message. More than 270 schools and nurseries take part in the Eco Schools scheme.

This authority gets involved in the annual Keep Scotland Beautiful Spring Clean campaign, and neighbourhood teams recently launched clean-up initiatives in areas such as Gorgie and Gracemount, tackling issues such as dog fouling and smoking waste.

On-the-spot fines can be used as a last resort, but I would much rather that people get the message that if we all work together, we can keep the streets clean simply by binning our litter.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, convener of the environment committee

Remember what we fought for

I am sure I am not alone in being horrified at the amount of money being provided by our government for the Bannockburn celebrations. I wonder why? It would be more fitting to celebrate the fact that the United Kingdom was freed from the invasion of a nationalist – Adolf Hitler.

Our forces fought side by side with the English, Welsh and Irish to keep our freedom. Let us not forget those friends.

We do remember them every year but we never celebrate that momentous achievement – much more relevant than Bannockburn.

Let us not break up that close affinity. The sad thing is that whether we vote “Yes” or “No” in the referendum, Alex Salmond will go down in history as the man who split the people of Scotland and antagonised our friends in England.

That feeling will continue for a very long time, whatever the outcome. A sad thought.

Joan Wightman, Kingsknowe Road South, Edinburgh

Louts should face Usher Hall ban

I WAS at the Stereophonics concert at the Usher Hall on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately three drunken idiots tried to annoy and upset many concert goers with their antics in the dress circle.

One guy, in particular, seemed hell bent on winding up the staff by ignoring their numerous requests to behave.

Finally, after about an hour, security was called and the three were ejected.

Personally, I thought they should have been thrown out 40 minutes earlier, but once they left, the rest of the audience could enjoy a great gig.

I hope the Usher Hall has these guys’ names on their computer records, and refuses them entry next time.

Alun Thomas, Sinclair Close, Edinburgh